Main Screen

The main screen is divided into two columns:

Transactions Column: Displays totals for the day, along with a list of all transactions.
Transaction Details: To edit and view the details of a particular transaction.

(A third column called 'Timeline' is revealed by tapping the Left arrow button)

Getting started

We have designed the main screen to be fast, intuitive and flexible. It’s possible to use the basic functionality of Vape Shop Manager without leaving this screen. For advanced features such as Options, Deals and creating Compound Products , please see the Admin section.

Create a new transaction

Creating products

Adding products to a transacton

Product List

Here you can:

Selecting Cash/Card


Receipts can be sent via Email or printed using any AirPrint compatible printer. Note: Invoice numbers use base36 (a combination of numbers and letters) to reduce the number of characters and improve invoice search speed.


There are two types of discount, Percent and Subtract. You can toggle between them by pressing the % or - button Discount type button. We recommend using the notes field Transaction notes at the bottom of the screen to record your reasons for issuing a discount. Deals such as ‘Buy 5 get one free’ are separate to discounts, and can be added in the Deals tab of the Admin screen.

Tool Bar

Tool bar


This feature is useful for general reminders, like calling a customer when a device is back in stock for example.

Adverse Symptoms Record

Some countries are enforcing that you make a record of any adverse symptoms experienced by your customers. You can quickly make a record of the event here.


Timeline Column and Admin


Top Bar


From this tab you can:

Product Edit


Setting up suppliers will allow you to order stock easily and manage stock checks efficiently. To order stock you will first need to create a supplier, then associate products to that supplier.
From this tab you can:

Supplier Edit


Setting up a range will allow you to manage multiple products at the same time. For example, enabling you to change the price of all flavours from a particular liquid brand without having to alter each individual product.
Separating products into ranges also helps with stock checking, as it is common practice to check an entire range before proceeding to the next.
To use this feature, first create a range (see below), then add products to a range from the Product Edit sceen.
From this tab you can:

Range Edit


Options allow a product (or range of products) to have variations (e.g. strength, colour). You can only have one option type per product. This may sound limiting when a liquid can have 'Strength' and 'Bottle Size', but we found the app was simpler to use this way. The way we organise our liquids is to assign a strength option, then duplicate our liquids according to bottle size, naming our liquids "Menthol 10ml", "Menthol 30ml". It is however possible to have multiple options if you create a Compound Product, but this feature is best reserved for kits.
From this tab you can:

Option Edit

Options are collections of Option Items. For example, an Option called 'Colour' is a collection of Option Items named 'Red', 'Blue' and 'Green'.

Option Item Edit


The app can automatically calculate the two most common deal types used in our industry, 'Buy X get 1 free' (e.g. Buy 5 items get 1 free) and 'Quantity for price' (e.g. 3 items for a £10 ).
You can adjust the parameters to suit your business.
To use a Deal, first create/edit a deal (see below) then go to the Product Edit (or Range Edit) screen to assign the deal to a product

NOTE 'Buy X get 1 free' can be split between liquid ranges of differing prices. For example, in our shop, we have the deal 'Buy 5 get 1 free', on both £4 liquids and £5 liquids.
So where a customer buys six of the same item, you would have:

(6 x £4) - (1 x £4 deal) = £20 charged to customer. Saving £4
(6 x £5 ) - (1 x £5 deal) = £25 charged to customer. Saving £5

If two ranges share the same 'Buy X get 1 free' deal, a customer could buy 3 of each saving £4.50:
3 x £4 = £12
3 x £5 = £15
Total before deal = £27
Saving = (£4 + £5)/2 = £4.50
Sum charged to customer = total before deal - saving = £22.50

Deal Edit


You can add multiple tags to a product. Tags are used in Stock Control as well as in the Liquid Explorer app.
Used in stock control, tags can categorise liquids. For example, you could tag liquids by location with 'Back shelf' and 'Front shelf' this feature can make stock checking quicker and more accurate.
Used in the Liquid Explorer app, tags can categorise liquids for browsing. For example 'High VG', 'Minty' or 'Sweet'.
From this tab you can:

Tag Edit


The 'Stock' tab is used for stock checking (Ordering new stock happens in the Supplier tab). Stock is categorised by Supplier and Range , you can also categorise stock using Tags (see above).
To begin a new stock check, tap the 'Start new stock check' button, this will remove all tick symbols. As you check each product, a tick Tick will appear next to the newly edited stock quantity. Once all options for the currently selected product have been checked, a second tick will appear in the middle column.
You can also set a quantity level to trigger restock alerts from this screen.

From this tab you can:


This is the general settings and app customisation tab. Customise your invoice, set payment provider details, backup your database, sync with Liquid Explorer, and more.
From this tab you can:

Compound Product

A Compound Product consists of two or more Products . This feature is useful for making up 'Kits' of devices.
For example, you may have the products:

Battery = £10
Atomiser = £10

Sold together as a kit, you may wish to give a discount of £2...
Create a new Product in the Products Tab.
Set the price at £18, and set the 'Compound' switch to 'on'.Compound Switch
In the left hand column titled 'Compound Products', select the products 'Battery' and 'Atomiser'.

That's it, you have now created a Compound Product.

You can also set the quantities of each Product. This feature is useful if you have a kit consisting of 2 x Battery and 1 x Atomiser.
Compound Product


You can initiate the graph screen whenever you see this icon Graph button .
A basic graph of historical sales is shown.
To reveal further information, press and hold a bar in the graph, and a pop up will appear.Graph button
We plan to increase the apps graphing capabilities in a future update.

Stock Ordering

With just a few parameters set, the app uses historical sales data to predict stock quantities to purchase from your suppliers. If you currently do not have historical sales data, you can enter your order quantities manually. To use this feature you have to assign a Supplier to your Product(s) or Range of products.

The parameters are:

NOTE: Any items which you have marked with EOL (End-of-life) or you have deactivated, will NOT appear on the order page.
Keep in mind that special events (such as Xmas) or recent promotions may affect the sample average or future sales. Therefore we suggest you look through all estimated quantities and make appropriate amendments before placing your order.
Be aware that the predicted sales will not currently take into consideration items which have been out of stock for any period of time during the sample period, so it may show lower numbers than expected. This will be resolved in the future.

Order Edit

Here you can review, make amendments, and add additional items to your order before sending to the supplier.

The ’Show only orders’ tab, displays all orders that will be sent to your Supplier .
‘Show All’ will display all products from this supplier. For example, because it is seasonal, the app may not have anticipated an Xmas flavoured liquid. Here you can display that product and amend the quantity manually. If the quantity entered is above zero, the product will now be displayed in the ’Show only orders’ tab when you switch back. Once you have sent your order, a Note is automatically created as a reminder for your next order.

Liquid Explorer

Liquid Explorer is a free customer facing app for browsing liquids. Customers can browse liquids according to the Tags which you set. For example, liquids can be tagged and browsed by 'High VG', 'Tobacco' or 'Mint' etc.
Your database of products is transmitted seamlessly by Bluetooth to the Liquid Explorer app.

How to use:

Download Liquid Explorer to a second iOS device.
Set up Tags for your products.
Make sure Bluetooth is switched on for both devices.
In Vape Shop Manager, head to Admin->Settings and press 'Update Product Browser'.
Once paired, press 'OK' and your products are now in Liquid Explorer ready to browse.

Liquid Explorer uses the same logo as your invoices. We recommend PNG with transparency for best results.

Payment Solution

We currently provide integration with iZettle and Paypal Here for Credit/Debit Card (Contactless, and Apple Pay where available) in the following countries;

United Kingdom
United States
The Netherlands

(If you do not see your country listed above, you can still reap the benefits of our app by manually entering the amount into your current card system.)

Please see your chosen payment providers website for specific information regarding the card readers and services:
iZettle Card Reader Pro Contactless
Paypal Here EMV

Plus button
How to use:
First choose a payment solution, create an account, and order a card reader. The card readers connect via Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is switched on for your device, and that the card readers are charged and also switched on.
Pair the card reader via Bluetooth to your device.
In Vape Shop Manager, head to Settings and select your chosen payment solution by pressing 'Select card reader'.
In Vape Shop Manager now press 'Card reader settings' and log in to your account.

Card reader panel

That's it! On the main page, when you switch from Cash to Card, you will now see a blue 'Pay' button. Card reader panel

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